Stormie chronicles the chaotic life of Stormie Strong, a newly minted pop star whose life is spinning out of control following a recent arrest while on tour. How out of control? First her face is scarred, and then her sponsors start to cut and run. Normally Stormie would turn to her friends but even they might not be able to help when one of them may be a traitor who set her up. And to top things off, she has to deal with the twisted love of a stalker, and a media machine that is reveling in all the wreckage. Can Stormie take the heat? Or will she lose her soul and sanity trying to keep her pitch perfect world together?



Stormie #1 is now up for sale on Indyplanet! Indyplanet is a print on demand site for comic books. You can get your copy of Stormie in print or as a digital download. $2.99 for digital or $4.99 in print. 32 pages in brilliant color! Thank you all for reading along when Stormie was being created.
Featured here is the limited edition preview issue of Stormie that debuted at Alamo City Comic Con. It featured a collection of finished pages, inked pages, and thumbnails scanned directly from the script. This book was only a 100 copy run and is available in limited quantity. This edition will be available as a reward for the Kickstarter, OR, contact me for details on how to get your copy today!